Featherlite Electronic Brake Lock (EBL)

Featherlite Electronic Brake Lock (EBL) is a Featherlite electronic hand control, modified with a system for locking the brake position. The EBL is available our 3 most popular styles of hand controls, both right and left side. The EBL allows a user to electronically hold the brake in the braking position and remove their hands from the control. This helps with users that require assistance in shifting gears, starting the vehicle, reducing fatigue from repetitive breaking and provides an ease of use when driving with Featherlite hand controls.

  • Currently available on Push/Right,  Push/Pull, and Push/Rock, both left and  right side
  • Available in Quick Disconnect Evaluator setup
  • Quick installation
  • Plug and play options
  • Maximum of two wires to install with all optional features enabled
  • Cycle tested, FMVSS and J1903 Compliant