SureGrip Push/Twist Hand Control with AutoLock

The Sure Grip Push/Twist control uses the same motorcycle-style acceleration as other Push/Twist controls, but it has an auxiliary handle that makes the twisting motion easier and allows for longer, more comfortable driving. Drivers will also find that the Sure Grip Push/Twist offers:

  • Superior pedal feel with constant acceleration and no “dead spot”
  • Lower fatigue while driving
  • Limited modifications to the vehicles dash
  • Easier braking


City Mode

City mode is an optional addition which allows for a much more finesse in delicate driving environments. When active the hand controls/left foot accelerator will only output a maximum of 50% OEM throttle. Excellent for users that have issues with over acceleration. Can be toggled by the push of a button at any point during the driving cycle.
Does not come standard with a FeatherLite order and must be requested.