Veigel Classic II


The Veigel right hand controls are considered the premier hand control for reasons of quality, ease of use and appearance in the vehicle.  The Classic II is the most popular and easiest to drive of these premium hand controls.  The unique accelerator motion allows the driver to adjust the seat close to the hand control without affecting operation. This control is thin and the profile is contoured to maximize the range of seat position. This hand control is the leading choice for our race car enthusiast customers.

Product details

The Veigel Classic II hand control for accelerator and brake integrates perfectly into the interior of modern vehicles. Thanks to the ergonomically optimized handle and the adjustment of the hand grip angle, the acceleration is easier, fatigue-free and adapts to every hand position of the driver.

Our Classic II hand control is made for simple and reliable operation. To accelerate, simply turn the ergonomic handle clockwise. To brake push the unit slightly forward. The mechanical brake lock can be easily engaged with the push of a button allowing the driver to remove their hand from the control to select a gear, change the radio station or just take a rest at a traffic light. The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to accommodate individual driver needs. The unit can be folded out of the way for ambulatory drivers.